50 Pcs/lot (37*15*10cm)Relieve Stress Pain Acupuncture Spike Yoga Pillow without Sponge Acupressure Massage Pillowcase

50 Pcs/lot (37*15*10cm)Relieve Stress Pain Acupuncture Spike Yoga Pillow without Sponge Acupressure Massage Pillowcase
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Square shapeLarge size 50pcs/lot three colors Natural Konjac Facial Sponge Facial Puff semicircle baby love shower (English package as picture show)

color in stock:white,yellow and black,pls note your need color and number,otherwise we\'ll send random.

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Konjac, Araceae perennial herb since ancient times as a food and medicine Used along with the natural plants are widely in Use. Japan believes that after years of research and konjac is an ideal of beauty products, oral to detoxifies significant slimming effect of topical cleansing, skin care, skin, moistening a wide range of functions, is notmore than beauty to share.
Konjac also has the absolute safety of cosmetics and personal care products, the konjac growth in the 1500 ~ 2500m of altitude in the mountains, pollution-free, this product is purely manual methods of preparation, a fundamental guarantee for the security.
Konjac cleansing cotton base effect?

1) Cleansing - konjac cleansing sponge weak acid properties away deep in the pores in the dirt with superior cleansing ability, even without soap or cleanser can still residues in and decomposition of the skin cosmetics or dust.
And she is absolutely safe, without stimulation, even sensitive skin and even infants and young children the same care and thoughtful;

2) skin care - konjac cleansing cotton unique konjac fibrous tissue can repair sun damaged and fragile skin, even rub hard, it will not harm the skin.
Contains natural water-retention factors (KGM), to replenish moisture in the wash at the same time, better lock the moisture in the washed Since then, no longer washed, tight, dry.

3) skin - Daily konjac cleansing sponge to wash your face massage can enhance the exfoliating effect, prevent wrinkle formation, eliminate the accumulation of melanin in the cuticle, which slow the release of natural whitening factor (PC) to make the skin smooth and white
4) moistening - long-term Use of konjac cleansing sponge, can promote the metabolism, promote blood circulation, and fundamentally improve the skin from outside to inside.
What is the difference the konjac cleansing cotton and other cleaning products?

1) What is the difference between konjac cleansing cotton and ordinary towel? - Use cotton konjac cleansing wash, bath towels rough and exciting feeling, only the wondrous comfort, even if the long-term Use, and no hair removal, dry and hard troubles no longer have to smell the deadly formaldehyde and taste;, konjac cleansing sponge addition to the cleansing function, and more skin care, skin, moistening effect, towels can not be compared.
The konjac cleansing sponge Then comes the high, the actual value.

2) What is the difference between konjac cleansing cotton and synthetic sponge? - Synthetic sponge can not break down naturally after Use will give environmental damage, konjac cotton plant fiber made, and will naturally break down after Use, will not give us the living environment can caUse damage; synthetic sponge is only an auxiliary to clean the skin
no effect, konjac sponge wash the skin, retaining, the raising of the multi-faceted experts.

3) the Use of the konjac cleansing sponge can no longer Use a facial cleanser or soap? - Yes, for higher cleanliness of the skin can no longer Use a cleanser or soap; cleanliness of the lower skin.
The konjac cleansing sponge can be greatly reduced to 2/3 of the amount of these chemical cleaning products, and healthier skin.

4) the Use of konjac cleansing sponge can quickly whitening? - Can not, konjac series of cleansing cotton whitening effect, but as the security of natural materials, it does not in the short term speed whitening, and only adhere to the long-term Use to avoid the intrusion of toxins from the root, in order to skin both inside and outside of completely health and beauty purposes.
This product with heavy metals, to vote against the rapid whitening of the strong whitening agent.
1) The soft texture is super gentle, delicate baby skin do not have to worry about, so easy to sensitive skin is especially suitable, very refreshing.
2) wash products volatile better cleaning ability, and very save, wash required cleanser usually 1/3 the amount you can play a very rich bubble at the end.
3) becaUse the konjac weak alkaline, if not Use cleanser, and can also play a very good cleaning effect on the skin.
4) The main ingredient of konjac Mannan polysaccharides so that the skin smooth, have a good effect on the make-up remover.

5) Traditional wash sponge, mostly made of rubber, open the packaging will be a pungent smell uncomfortable taste.
This product is completely natural konjac manufacturing, can be completely degraded, and a contribution to the protection of the Earth.

1) Use before water sponge thoroughly saturated (soaked); 2) squeeze the right amount of cleanser on a sponge, add the water to knead the bubble effect; 3) to play a round gently wipe the face, and then thoroughly with water to wash away the bubbles to clear blackheads, oil, etc..
PS: every Use can gently squeeze dry, do not twist it.

How to distinguish the konjac cotton quality is good or bad:

An absorbent quality konjac cotton better absorbent
2 smooth: konjac sponge for skin care product Use and human skin intimate contact, if rough, may damage the skin and accelerate skin aging.
3 Elasticity: Konjac cotton should be flexible enough to process of daily Use to the average strength delivered to the contact with the skin surface resulting in a more uniform and gentle massage strength!
Natural: the quality of konjac sponge is processed from 100% natural material does not contain any chemicals, such as PVA material buried in the soil degradation rate of 2-3 months can reach 90%.
5 Shelf life: quality konjac cotton should have a long shelf life: Restaurant sales for of konjac cotton in the dry state for 5 years, moisture condition to at least one year!
Special note: konjac sponge after Use must be well ventilated place to dry, to avoid sun exposure!
If the ambient moisture can and wrapped in plastic bags stored in the refrigerator