Eyelash Wave Lotion Permanent Makeup Eyelash Curling Last Up T0 3 Months Eye Lash Perm Kit Perming Curler Eyelash

Eyelash Wave Lotion Permanent Makeup Eyelash Curling Last Up T0 3 Months Eye Lash Perm Kit Perming Curler Eyelash
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Oписание продукта

Eyelash Perm Kit Curling Lash Lift Set Eye Lash Extension Fake Eyelashes Glue Extension Lifting Tools Wave Lotion Makeup
Big set: Eyelash special glue 1 bottle +1 smelting agent 3 bottles + 2 fixing agent 3 bottles + No. 3 nourishing agent 2 bottles + 4 cleaning agent 2 bottles + silicone gasket 18 pieces.
product manual
1, the first dose (ironing agent): special formula is not irritating, can make the eyelashes naturally curl.
2, the second dose (fixative agent): can keep the eyelash curl for about three months.
3, the third dose (nourish): can moisturize and maintain eyelashes, make the eyelashes return to elasticity, can be used after hot or usual.
4, the fourth agent (cleanser): can easily remove the glue attached to the eye.
5, eyelash film: silicone material design, 3 kinds of can change the eyelashes according to different angles, and easy to operate.
6, special glue for eyelashes: special formula is good viscosity, washable, easy to use.
 Using program
1. Clean the eyes first (do not have oil on it), so as not to affect the effect of the eyelashes.
2. Apply a special amount of glue to the film and eyelids, and then stick the film along the root of the upper eyelashes to the face of the eye. [If necessary, prevent the film from lifting up at both ends, and apply special glue to enhance the adhesion].
3, the film surface and eyelashes are coated with a layer of eyelash glue. After half-drying, use a small bamboo stick to make the eyelashes one by one on the paper. [Note 1]
4. Apply the first dose [dandelion] on the film with a cotton swab and wait for 15 minutes [with a cling film for better effect].
5, with a cotton swab dipped in a second dose [fixing agent] on the film, wait for 10 minutes [cover better with plastic wrap].
6. Dip the fourth dose [cleanser] with a cotton swab to clear the eyelashes from the film. The action is light to avoid tearing the eyelashes.
7. After cleaning the eyes, use a cotton swab to take a third dose of nourishing agent. Apply eyelashes to nourish the eyelashes and restore elasticity and luster.
1. If the eyelashes are harder or the first cold perm, be sure to cover the eyes with a hot towel for about five minutes, then use the cotton swab to take the first dose (ironing agent) to soften the eyelashes and make them easier to adhere to the film on.
2. After the first or second dose of the cotton swab is taken, it can never be mixed and used. Otherwise, the curling effect cannot be achieved and the failure is caused.
3, if each agent accidentally enters the eye, you can use artificial tears or distilled water to clean it.
4, the next day after the hot can only do skin care steamed face, so as not to damage the curl.
5. Be sure to tighten the lid after use and store in a cool place.
6. If there is any discomfort during use, please stop using it immediately, wash it with warm water, and still have medical discomfort immediately.